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Letter to Brokers

Thank you for agreeing to be our strategic partner in our efforts to bring an affordable solution to homeowners in California and throughout the United States. These homeowners are currently in urgent need of high quality professional services. This business alliance is designed to keep your company from being characterized by the California Department of Real Estate, District Attorneys for Counties throughout the State, and the Attorney General from the State of California as Foreclosure Consultants as defined in Civil Code Sections 2945-2945.11. The penalties for being characterized as a Foreclosure Consultant are severe. For your convenience I have attached an outline of these rules for your review. This summary was approved on July 8, 2008, by the Business Law Section of the State Bar of California. I am a former president of the Trial Lawyers Association and Trustee of the Bar Association and I have 20 years of experience in obtaining expedited justice for individual and corporate clients.

The federal government has made no meaningful efforts to address the problems homeowners are having with foreclosures. For example, the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 did little to help. This act empowers the FHA to help refi loans that are currently in default. However, under this program the FHA becomes your partner for future equity appreciation. Also, the recent $700 Billion Bailout of Wall Street does nothing substantial directly for the homeowner whose debt exceeds its value, for those homeowners who are in default, for those people who are in foreclosure or for those who have lost their home to foreclosure.

The Litigation Law Group has used its vast knowledge of the real estate and mortgage business combined with its twenty (20) plus years of experience in the litigation and Court system to assist its clients in developing affordable, results oriented solutions for homeowners. With the default and foreclosure problem volume being at historical levels we need help from our strategic partners to compile and organize borrower information and files so we can make our solution affordable. Accordingly, as our strategic partners we will enter into a Attorney-Broker Agreement with you to help us get each borrower to a reasonable solution that they can live with and protect our strategic partners from the severe consequences for violations of California Law.

The following documents are attached:
1. Frequently Asked Question Summary;
2. Standardized forms for processing and compiling the file and preparing it for delivery to The Litigation Law Group;
3. Broker-Attorney Service Agreement;
4. Attorney-Client Representation Agreement;
5. Summary of California Foreclosure Consultant Law;

We have automated our database management system to allow you to be more efficient on information transfer by uploading your client files via the internet.

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