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Litigation can often consume up to 40 percent of corporate legal budgets. Ineffectual litigation means companies have less to spend on strategic initiatives such as research and development or mergers and acquisitions. Our experienced litigators combine dispute resolution skills with industry and local knowledge to ensure your legal strategies directly support your business goals.

How We Can Help

  • Administrative/public law and regulatory disputes - We represent private companies, government institutions, and non-government organizations in regulatory disputes involving administrative and public law matters, including regulations on building, land use, planning and zoning.
  • Commercial litigation - We help resolve disputes between business entities arising out of breach of commercial contracts, such as distributorship agreements; post-acquisition issues, business defamation, as well as officer and director liability.
  • Construction litigation - We represent developers, principals, contractors, major subcontractors, engineering and architectural consultants.
  • Information technology disputes - We deal with all kinds of disputes relating to IT use, involving privacy, security, e-commerce and online communications, systems agreements and negotiations, intellectual property issues, and more.
  • Insolvency/bankruptcy - We represent secured and unsecured creditors in adversary proceedings and other insolvency litigation as well as debtors, creditors and financial institutions in liquidations and organizations. We also provide assistance to individuals and businesses seeking protections of U.S. bankruptcy laws.
  • Intellectual property litigation - We represent clients in enforcing or defending actions involving infringement of trade secrets and other undisclosed information, patent and trademark litigation and trade dress rights including domain name disputes.
  • Labor and employment litigation - We defend or prosecute claims of wrongful discharge, discrimination, harassment, unfair employment practices, and “whistle-blower” actions. We also represent clients in the prosecution or defense of labor or union-related issues such as grievance arbitrations or any type of adversarial proceeding including litigation that involves multiple plaintiffs.
  • Probate Litigation - We provide insights on the substantial, procedural and evidentiary rules involved in the litigation and resolution of probate and estates.
  • Real Estate litigation - We represent buyers and sellers of commercial and residential real estate in varying disputes with brokers, banks, mortgage banks, mortgage brokers or other parties to the transaction.



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