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Protecting Assets

Patents, trademarks and copyrights are the foundation of many major businesses — and critical assets in many more. How you define and protect your innovation and creativity are strategic bottom-line issues.

But in a world where piracy and counterfeiting are rampant and the temptation to violate IP rights is strong, you can never rest easy. The changes that made global markets possible and profitable also have made theft of intellectual assets lucrative and pervasive. The need to use IP rights innovatively to maintain a competing edge has never been more pressing. Respond vigorously and globally.

At the Litigation Law Group we understand the issues and provide unique solutions.

How We Can Help

  • Trademark, copyright and patent portfolio management — Trademark, copyright and patent filing/prosecution and advice. We can tell you whether your property can be protected and what you have to do to protect it.
  • Enforcement of IP rights — Anti-piracy initiatives and enforcement of IP rights against competitors. We work with government agencies to enforce your rights, take legal action against pirates and help you lobby for stronger protection. We can help you maintain your market position by taking swift and effective action against competitors who seek to erode product or service effectiveness and innovation.
  • Commercial IP — All aspects of the acquisition and exploitation of intellectual property rights including franchise agreements and IP licensing.
  • Other issues — Internet and domain name issues, media and advertising law, packaging, labeling, regulatory requirements, trade secret protection and related data protection.


We assist clients in establishing, maintaining, and enforcing trademark rights on a global basis. We provide practical guidance and precision in translation and other services needed during the local registration process. Rather than simply communicating problems and impediments, we create solutions.

Typical projects in the trademark area include:

  • Advising on selection and suitability of marks for registration
  • Searching prior registrations and applications
  • Advising on prospects for obtaining registration
  • Translating word marks into languages that do not use the Roman alphabet
  • Filing applications and prosecution to registration
  • Conducting opposition proceedings
  • Advising on proper use of trademarks in packaging, labeling, advertising in print and electronic media
  • Renewing registrations
  • Advising on rights in trade names, trade dress, passing-off, unfair competition, and unregistered trademark rights acquired through use
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements for the purchase, sale, or licensing of trademark rights
  • Registering license and user agreements

Trademark/Trade Dress Litigation and Advice

We advise in relation to infringing use and taking deregistration actions against rival marks that have been improperly registered or not used.


The Litigation Law Group assists clients in determining whether their intellectual property is or can be protected by copyright. And where registration systems exist, we provide counseling on registration and other steps that can yield significant advantages in licensing and protecting copyrights. Copyright protects the key rights in industries from software to games to music, each of which raises issues related to protection, licensing and enforcement.

Our experience in this area includes:

  • Copyrightability advice
  • Research for ownership and protectability issues
  • Advice on protection for software/computer programs
  • Advice regarding the proper use of copyright notices
  • Agreement negotiation and preparation for the joint creation, ownership, licensing, purchase, sale or collection of royalties (under copyright licenses) of copyright material
  • Hire agreements, assignments and releases
  • Infringement advice and anti-piracy, such as taking legal action against infringers of DVDs, CDs and other copyrighted material
  • Copyright dispute litigation
  • Lobbying work for improved and amended copyright legislation


The Litigation Law Group’s patent lawyers have a wealth of experience in the patent laws. Our lawyers have degrees in a wide variety of technical fields and work together to provide a global service to our clients that is unmatched by any other firm. These technical fields include:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

How We Can Help

  • Patent prosecution and design registration - We handle all aspects of patent prosecution work, from preparation and filing of applications to for patents, designs and utility models, including advising clients on the patentability and protection of inventions.
  • Protection programs - We advise on or help formulate programs to identify and protect inventions created by employees or third parties.
  • Asset management - We provide patent asset management counseling and transactional advice, including due diligence patent asset evaluation.
  • Patent licensing - We handle patent licensing and cross-licensing work.
  • Patent litigation and disputes - We have a broad range of experience from proceedings involving patent infringement, oppositions, ownership dispute/interference proceedings worldwide, and alternative dispute resolution.

Our IP enforcement experience extends to all kinds of intellectual property, including trademarks (anti-counterfeiting) , copyrights (anti-piracy), patents, designs, trade names, trade dress, trade secrets, including customer lists and unfair competition.


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